Treasure Trove Cove

Treasure Trove Cove b2

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Treasure Trove Cove b2

All of Treasure Trove Cove recreated for TF2!

Finally, It is here! After more than almost 4 months (other map listing was actually 3 months in development) in the making with this ginormous map, Treasure Trove Cove is now finally playable with collectables, jiggys, and those jinjos that call for help every second of their life.

This map includes custom spawns, one of which is for showing off your hats to the other team without getting blown up into the next round. Map also includes the grunty lair floor for TTC's entrance, with accessible platforms for all classes.

List of general mechanics that will appear in this and other BK maps of mine as well:
  • Saved progress of specific collectables across maps (currently unimplemented, W.I.P.)
  • Flight Pad launching players upward followed by temporarily increased air movement and mark for death (who would want to watch demos, soldiers, or heavies fall from the sky?)
  • Shock Jump Pad launching players upward with temporarily increased air movement
  • Arrow-textured buttons on specific geometry for launching yourself up onto higher platforms
  • Climbable specific slopes for when possible (Like the original)
  • Custom jump pads for getting onto much higher platforms when originally impossible due to Flight Pad in the original

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  1. Update!

    Changelog: Bugfix: Red marks being spammable now longer spams outputs multiple times Bugfix: Sandcastle letters no longer spammable with checks in place now Bugfix: Properly working LOD models for Shock Jump Pad and Flight Pad Addition...