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  1. ☣ DzoT ☣

    vsh_minegay_remastered 2019-08-05

    Original author - Can't beat air man
  2. qwerterio

    ? ? ? 2019-08-04

    made for the 72 hr jam
  3. sniperstyx

    Trade Minecraft Amazing v150 2019-06-29

    This is another good map that I did. I am uploading it to see everyone's opinion. I hope it's good because I just started it.
  4. rafradek

    Medieval Minceraft A13

    This medieval map was made using the map converter Stop the bomb carrier from capturing the main gate Features custom upgrades "sv_allow_point_servercommand always" is recommended to prevent medieval autorp I am also accepting custom missions made for this map, i would be thankful
  5. DudeTheNinja

    Minecraft-styled Bat Outta Hell 2018-07-30

    Replaces the Bat Outta Hell with a Skeleton from Minecraft. Features team variants - a Wither Skeleton for BLU, and a regular one for RED.
  6. ☣ DzoT ☣

    72hr Jail Break Map "Minecraft Daylight" v 3.0 2017-08-06

  7. Hyperion

    Is there any interest towards Minecraft server in TF2 Maps?

    This idea has been floating around my mind quite long time. Personally I picked up MC again after 1+ year break and I don't know if we have some other interested mappers around here. I haven't yet thought how the server would run and who would host it but if there is enough people interested, I...
  8. MxMCube

    Trade Plaza Max 1.0

    Official Server Try out the map before downloading it! Summary A simple map for players looking to trade items and have fun. The spawn rooms feature dartboards and special machinery, and for the snipersthere is a room specifically to take down your enemies! In the center of the map you can...