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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Tango, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Welp I am just kinda out of ideas I wanted to make a map with a boat as the main cp (koth_drydock) but I don't know what to do with the rest of the map... Suggestions or anything is helpful maybe it will spark something in my head.
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    Docks, loading areas, trains, maybe a canal that the boat is on the path of moving through, lots of cool water, maybe a lighthouse over the boat and water, I've got loads! I haven't even seen your map or creations yet and I'm already excited. I'm surprised you couldn't come up with anything when your control point is literally on a BOAT! That's such a cool idea!
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  3. fl00fCollie

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    Oh, man. You could play with all kinds of things, like, how about if there was a way to access the inside of the hull from underneath? Players could swim underneath to find a health kit in an air pocket or something.
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    if possible use a dynamic element, they always make a map more interesting. I personaly always include some sort of train, or moving element. Because everything is better WITH A TRAIN:eek:
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    Hey there. Beer Buffer, AKA Cpt. Buzzkill here.

    Implementing moving elements and large amounts of water is a thing done primarily by experienced map makers. The reason for that is there about a thousand ways to mess them up, they all make the map unplayable, and don't teach you anything when done wrong.

    If you need something to fill up the rest of your map, I would recommend a well-scaled spawn yard, transition buildings that block sightlines between areas, and a defensive area Blu can fall back on if Red pushes back.
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    Submarines, you should do that. Like the submarine in the map called Subzero, created by crash