Machine Attacks Remastered V1 Pack Part1 2017-02-17

machine attacks mvm campaign mode

  1. superhimax
    Machine Attacks is custom mvm campaign mode map.
    with a story and puzzles, and special upgrades for this map.
    there are many bonuses in these maps like Mannpowers, Buffs and more.

    If you want to play some difference way, you should try it.
    These maps is not favorable for whoever doesn't like them.

    I will put a walkthrough later,If anyone stuck in some maps.


    1. ma_ep1.jpg
    2. mvm_Machine_Attacks_ep10000.jpg
    3. mvm_machine_attacks_ep20000.jpg
    4. mvm_ma_ep3_10000.jpg
    5. mvm_ma_ep4_10000.jpg
    6. mvm_machine_attacks_ep50000.jpg
    7. mvm_ma_ep6_10001.jpg
    8. mvm_ma_ep7_10000.jpg
    9. mvm_machine_attacks_ep80000.jpg