Koth_logging 2

newbie looking for criticism of my map

  1. Fellelin
    hi there, i am a complete newbie, this is my first map wich i truly put effort in, i am definetly not a master of skyboxes and graphics, but i want to see how people will judge my map, the common theme is, that the map is a logging camp that explains the abundance of wood and planks, red is the original camp, nicely made, blu has only come here recently so they hastly set up a spawn made out of scrap metal(that is why their side is ugly) the main idea for the map is the bridge, who controls the bridge controls the capture point, the shed with fences is for engies the building to the left is made as a flank route, anyhow i am looking for some critisism and tips altough i know it looks bad i am movign on on a bigger project and a new map, i still would like to hear advice and criticism!

Recent Updates

  1. better lightning and graphics, finished