Redwood Beta 20b

Koth Viaduct/Lakeside Inspired Map

  1. H20Gamez
    Koth Redwood is my first take on a default gamemode. Detailing is still in progress but the layout will stay around the same. We are currently testing the map on and off with a handfull of NC/AM Players for 6s. The map hasnt been tested for HL yet.


    1. koth_redwood_b190001.jpg
    2. koth_redwood_b190002.jpg
    3. koth_redwood_b190000.jpg
    4. koth_redwood_b190003.jpg
    5. koth_redwood_b190004.jpg
    6. koth_redwood_b190005.jpg
    7. koth_redwood_b190006.jpg
    8. koth_redwood_b190007.jpg
    9. koth_redwood_b190008.jpg

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