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Mitochondria A3

a Generator Destruction map

Generator Destruction (GD for short) is a custom game mode in which players must shoot up a generator on the opposing team and destroy it to win.

There are different versions of GD made by the community. In my version, the generator is invulnerable, until two separate batteries are destroyed in different locations in the map. By destroying the batteries, the shields are weakened, and the main generator becomes vulnerable. Destroy the opposing generator to win the game. (and also defend your own!)

Initial thoughts before releasing this map:
  1. I intended this map to be small, similar to CTF. I think I might've made it too small, especially the mid area.
  2. There are two entrances to each area, but they might be a bit underscaled...
  3. The respawn times reduce for the attacking team depending on how many shield batteries are taken. Reduces it by 3 seconds per battery. (down to 3 second respawn times)
  4. Shield batteries take 90 seconds if one is destroyed, or 150 if both are destroyed.
  5. I updated the prefab a bunch but I'm really tired and I want to go to bed.
This is my first attempt at a PvP map! I have no idea how it'll go!
First release
Last update
Robot Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. A3

    Updated the textures to cause less eye-bleed. Updated mid a little
  2. A2

    I heard A1a crashed the TF2M game server after a round won. I can't confirm this because the demo spit out an error in the console and cut out half way through. In an attempt to fix this, I have cut the server-I/O bootup by about 800 lines...
  3. QoL changes

    Added resupply locker near second doorway of respawn rooms. Destroying the generator destroys EVERYONE... well nearly everyone. Just those around the generator are destroyed! Also forces spectators to watch the explosion after it happens...