1. cugz kani

    pl_forebay a1

    A 4-cap Payload map. Starts at a dry riverbed, goes through caves and a processing plant to reach the water reservoir and the hydroelectric dam where RED keeps a secret prototype.
  2. CF-TF2

    TurbineDam 1

    This is an old map that I made for a video where I created separate paths to stop the spawn camping problem in Turbine and created a Dam in the middle to look more open. This map will likely stay unfinished for a while until I pick it back up again.
  3. A Smooth Criminal

    Drought V3

    I went a bit bigger for my second go here. Perhaps too big, but at last I have something that works now. Welcome to Drought, a CTF map on top of a dam! And not just any dam, but the one seen on Hydro! (You better appreciate the connection, I spent like a week just figuring out how to accurately...
  4. Erk

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Jam Dam 2022 2022-07-25

  5. A-Cogs

    Damnable 2 a5

    A remake of a map I never finished due to a few fundamental problems it had. Loosely based off of the Hoover Dam. This project was originally spurred on by a spring cleaning mapathon that I missed the deadline for.
  6. A-Cogs

    Damnable b4a

    A capture the flag map lightly inspired by Fallout: New Vegas's Battle of Hoover Dam.
  7. Oni134

    DawnDam A3

    yeah we all know the cycle, i make a map! i get hyped by the map! ends horribly... and repeat.
  8. r0nii

    od_waterpass a2

    layout inspired by my older map called cp_waterpass. the detonation zone and few details that will come later were a concept by player called "totenlis"
  9. NTMonsty

    Box Elder A5

    Its spring. It's in the middle of March. There's a torrential downpour that just occured, and it just swept over Jeremiah's Gorge. Jeremiah id not appreciate this, as he just built two massive office buildings that had to close due to the downpour. He decided to sell the land, which was a modern...
  10. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Damway 1.0.0

    MvM map with facility style. And wooden thing in center. Actually, most of the map covered by old tarried lake. Two buildings - old barn and new Facility Control Center - have a bridge between them, which provides way to communicate with Dam water level control center (Red base and upgrade...
  11. 9_Loves

    Mir Alam A1

    I decided to go with a new sort of "theme" in my maps of fight around something in a point, I guess. A1 notes: COMP MAP BOIZ!!! It has 2 spires atm. I might change or remove them, but they were part of the initial design Am trying something a bit new with the lighting, hope it works out I will...
  12. Columbidae

    Damm r1

    A two sided MVM map: Robots attack from two seperate sides, and converge into the middle. Map help, lighting and texturing and playtesting: Phenomene MVM popfile guidance: Richtofen Special Thanks/Playtesting: Sult4n Hoctap Doomsday Orange
  13. Kreper Nutrition

    Canyon Paradise A3

    The teams are fighting over the dam to flood eachothers base, so they have control over the area. Purely sprung from my imagination, and it turned out alright. I'm gonna keep working on it and don't beat down on me to much since this is my 2nd map. :D