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Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. Playtesting Quickfix

    Fixes Fixed some broken spawns Made the color correction more subtle. This was supposed to be included in the last update but wasn't due to photoshop confusion Removed the shoddy nodegraph that was accidentally packed in the last update. This...
  2. Update B4: The Glowing One

    New Features and Reworks Added a TON of new details in the form of props, overlays, skins, geometry and more! Changes to some geometry were made, including a rework of the dam's crown. Added a new soundscape for the flag rooms Reworked the maps'...
  3. The Lost and Dammed

    New Features and Reworks Spawnrooms have been modified to make it easier to counter spawncamping The rock wall has been reworked once again, with much better results The dam has also seen some light revamping Added a 3d Skybox Water scrap now...

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