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  1. spruce

    Silverplow A2

    This is a remix/edit of the map made by plainz: Gravelblow (With his permission) Silverblow is a Barnblitz themed map where Something something Red vs Blu Idk, make up a story.
  2. Stack Man

    Brain Blast b3b

    pl_barnblitz, but featuring mind control.
  3. harris0n

    pl_problitz rc2

    Thank you Fubar for creating the original Barnblitz Pro This version of the map is not associated with Fubar and has been made with his permission. A full changelog can be found HERE If you are interested in watching some (outdated) gameplay, you can watch that here I am currently looking for...
  4. nesman

    Barnblitz Turntable Prefab rc1

    Now you can delay the inevitable of exploding the payload.
  5. RetroNuva10

    koth_wintergraze a2

    RED and BLU attempt to control the barn in Wintergraze Farm. They must really like hay...
  6. Waffe

    pl_flowerlab_b5b (aka pl_coalbed) Open Beta

    pl_flowerbed_b5b (and b6), in beta and open for the public. Credit must be given to "Walter (Waffe) Grönholm". Heyo, I haven't touched Hammer Editor in ages as I've moved on to other games and things. I decided to share what I think is my favorite (own) map: pl_flowerlab. Link...
  7. FishyUberMuffin

    Payload Turn Table

    Can somebody make a prefab for the payload turn table that is found outside of red first spawn on barnblitz?
  8. TheGhostThatWas

    Lighting Missing and Half-Leaks

    I'm currently editing a modified version of pl_barnblitz, but I'm getting tired of trying to understand the optimization problems. The biggest issue I'm having is that the map appears to be rendering without any light_environment, but I think that has to do with the optimization issues, a leak...