cp_snowfield a6

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cp_snowfield a6

5cp map with an antarctic theme

A large field of snow is the location for RED and BLU's antarctic bases, where they've found a way to plant crops and grow food. With this knowledge, both sides want to take as much of the continent as possible. Take the enemy's control points and show them who owns Antarctica!
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Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. cp_snowfield_a6

    Changelog: + Mirrored the entire map. Left side advantages should now be right side advantages. + Added a clock above the spawn door that leads to the rollout. + Changed the mid point design. It has high ground and cover against the main...
  2. cp_snowfield_a5

    Changelog: + Reworked 2nd. It is now a spire. + Added dynamic signs to the mid spawns. If the forward spawns are activated, there's a sign in front of the spawn door telling players to go left. + Removed the rocks at mid. + Tweaked bits of...
  3. cp_snowfield_a4

    Changelog: + Reworked last and second. Last is in front of a greenhouse inside the corresponding team's base, and second is inside of a snowy wooden shack. The map is overall bigger and more interesting. + Changed cover on mid. + Added...