Yeast A3

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Yeast A3

Koth map with "custom" bread boss in it, made for the 2020 72hr jam

Koth map made for the 72hr jam with "custom" bread monster boss in it that bites those who are unlucky enough to be in its path, it uses the skelly-king as it's base, so it's bit buggy from time-to-time

notice A2 is the 72hr-Jam version and has the boss in it (for now the bread is hibernating)
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Latest updates

  1. A3 with 100% less bread edition

    Fixed clipping on the cliffs fence (previously you could walk on the small ledge and skip any jumping needed to get to the other side) Moved the death pit sign further up (hopefully sneaky french-men won't jump into their doom now..) made the...
  2. Update that hopefully packed considering i'm out of time already

    update that should fix the bread monster becoming invincible among other things , also tried to do some quick optimization.
  3. IwouldReallyLoveIfThisVersionCouldWork

    SourceSpaghetti is hitting me hard rn , so hopefully now everything is packed :confused: