zythesnow a3a

i am once again uploading a map

  1. a3a - fix

    what was fixed?
    • fixed func_respawnroom not fully covering red spawn
  2. a3 - update

    what's new?
    • reduced respawn time for attackers from 4 to 2
    • made jump to roof from shutter easier. it was there before just more precise
    • removed pixel walk above shutter
    • added some crates and barrels to the side areas as cover and to break up the area a bit
    • added wooden boards under some packs to make them more noticeable
    • clipped side wooden support wall thingy
    • redesigned spawn
    • added more snow in the form of snowfall and oob snow
    • changed skybox and...
  3. a2 - update

    whats new?
    • made trims on the slide non solid and slightly thinner
    • added a small clip ramp on the bottom of the slide to hopefully prevent getting stuck on teleporters
    • raised displacement on the side area so you dont get stuck on the wooden barrier
    • replaced prop jump with some stairs and a platform at mid
    • made windows non solid so you cant stand on them
    • clipping improvements
    thanks to all the playtesters!
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