72hr zahnnpower_72hr a2 still

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  1. zahndah
    Mannpower map. I warned you. Enjoy.
    A1 uploaded in 3 hours 22 minutes for the 72 hr summer jam 2016
    A2 uploaded in 70 hours 45 minutes for the 72hr summer jam 2016

    Some scrots.
    Intel area

    Intel area from the opposite corner

    Intel area from above the intel

    Left flank from intel area

    Middle route from intel area

    Right flank room from intel area

    Right flank from intel area

    Mid area from right side (approaching)

    Mid area from middle route

    Mid area from left (grapple) route

    Grapple side of mid

    floor side of mid


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  1. a2 still, just fixing things
  2. it is good