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Yogurt A4

A granary style king of the hill map with a twist.


A koth map set in a yogurt production facility, Inspired by probed.
Created by Foot, Lordgrape and Mr. Juan Deagle.

The idea of this map is that the map is rotated 90 degrees and is majorly different from the classics like koth viaduct and lakeside.

First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Major reworks, balancing and performance improvements.

    Sorry for the wait. I was working on a few things and i just had to cut my losses and scrap a few of them. Changelog: Removed bottom route out of spawn. Removed concrete area that goes to mid and replaced it with displacements Worked on...
  2. Huge changes in scaling, layout and aesthetics.

    I wasn't satisfied with the previous versions of koth_yogurt's aesthetics and scaling. So I reworked most of the map and tried to give it more of a personality. Changelog: Reworked mid. (again) Remade spawn completely. Worked on widening and...
  3. Skybox and sealing overhaul, Major scaling and layout changes.

    Changelog: Completly redid skybox and sealing to stop those nasty visual bugs. Majorly changed mid. Changed scaling across the map. Changed name to koth yogurt. Screenshots:

Latest reviews

Grape Approved.

You're on the right track with the 90 degree rotation thing.
This 90 degree thing has aready been done in koth_probed, but still, this map is still cool.