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Eminence a2

A fast paced king of the hill map.

  1. Foot
    A fast paced koth map.

    Here are some screenshots.
    There are some visual bugs in the screenshots, but i have fixed them.

    20161019153926_1.jpg 20161019153938_1.jpg 20161019153944_1.jpg 20161019153953_1.jpg 20161019154017_1.jpg 20161019154027_1.jpg 20161019154049_1.jpg 20161019154059_1.jpg 20161019154104_1.jpg 20161019154109_1.jpg 20161019154113_1.jpg 20161019154154_1.jpg 20161019154205_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Messed around with mid and lighting.