worship b4a

PD Halloween map created in collaboration with aar

  1. b4a

    whats new?
    • added rain (lower opacity)
    • improved optimization
    • tweaked fog
    • increased cubemap resolution
    • rare spell in the underworld now only spawns once per wave
  2. b3a - fix

    what was fixed?
    • disabled collision on the custom seat models in hell because they have a fucked up model, making it extremely hard to navigate
  3. b3 - update

    whats new?
    • halloweenification! there are now candles and pumpkins around the map, as well as a giant swirl in the sky!
    • detailing improvements
    • more lighting
    • color correction adjustments
    • custom props for church seats added, other assets are being worked on
    • changed the way spells are handed out!
      - you are no loner guaranteed a spell upon exit
      - instead there are spellbooks around hell, 1 rare spell book and 8 normal ones
    • minor changes
    we still have to...
  4. b2 - update

    Whats new?
    • adjusted some detailing
    • changed skybox
    • added color correction
    • optimization improvements
    • made the teleport trigger in hell fill the entire wall
    • leaving hell no longer automatically grants you a spell, instead there are spell books scattered around hell
    • added some pumpkins and candeles
    • minor changes
  5. b1 - update

    Whats New?
    • detailing has begun!
      -the overworld has been fully textured and there shouldnt be any more dev textures
      -a model for the church is in development
      -the underworld remains dev textured for now
    • added a sweeping death trigger to the underworld
    • minor changes
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  6. a4 - update

    Whats new?
    • redesigned underworld
    • added trigger that teleports all players to the overworld once the church despawns (this is only a temporary solution and it will be replaced by a kill plane in the next version)
    • redesigned building on church B
    • removed collision from a chimney at B
    • removed clipping from a now textured sign at B
    • water is no longer too murky
    • increased ammount of health pickups
    • moved a full ammo pack out of the water
    • marked water barrier...
  7. a3 - update

    Whats new?
    • started adding some textures
    • added a sprite over the church to tell players where it will spawn next
    • more lighting
    • minor detailing
    • minor changes
    this map was updated from feedback recived during a livestream on @Aarmastah 's twitch stream, there obviously a very different audience plays, so im curious to see how it will go on tf2m
  8. a2 - update

    Whats New?
    • i forgot to write down the changes for this version so uhh
    • added more lights and increased the brightness of some
    • added walls in the underworld and made the jumps slightly easyer
    other than this i dont remember lol
  9. a1a - fix

    blue team can now win the game lmao