woodlands a3

small koth map

  1. woodlands (final)

    What's New:
    -Final Version of Map, nothing else much to do since it was a simple map.
    -Added more lights,
    -better textures

    Special thanks to everyone who helped me out in the discord and such. They showed me that I can build better maps in the future! koth_woodlands_a30000.jpg
  2. woodlands

    What's New:
    - More Background foliage.
    - Textured a lot more.
    - More decorations.

    To Do:
    - Add in more lights.
    - Sounds.
    - More decorations.
    - Better textures(?).
    koth_woodlands_a20000.jpg koth_woodlands_a20001.jpg koth_woodlands_a20002.jpg koth_woodlands_a20003.jpg