Windy Cloth, Cloths on a line blowing in the wind.

Windy Cloth, Cloths on a line blowing in the wind. 1.0

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Windy Cloth, Cloths on a line blowing in the wind. 1.0

Made by treythepunkid

Hey guys, im here again to bring you another animated model

This time its pretty simple but effective. Its basically a model of a piece of clothing or cloth (i'm not really sure what it is) that blows in the wind.

Simply install this bad boy, line its prop_dynamic up with a move_ropes slack line and set its animation depending on which way you want it to play and which way the model is facing and BAM. Instant cloth on a line in the wind.

It comes with 8 different skins, 4 for each team. All of them are mega basic and are basically a direct sample and fill of the color pallet you get from the tf2 contribute site. It also comes with 2 animations, a blowing animation for each side.

Wait? Whats that? You don't like the textures? Neither do I! I added slight cloth like lines over top of the base colors but other than that it took me 5 seconds to make it. Do you wanna make your OWN texture for this model, well todays your lucky day, i have included the Photoshop file used. I have also included the UV snapshot and the AO bake so even if you don't have Photoshop you can make a new texture.

Don't like having the model in /models/cloth/? I have also included the smds and QC for this model, so you can set your own model and material directory.

Without further ado, here is a video of this bad boy in action.

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