Morrigan Alley

Medieval Morrigan Alley B3

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Medieval Morrigan Alley B3

By treythepunkid

Hey All, haven't really done any mapping of my own in quite awhile. Something about this whole new Medieval theme has really caught my eye. My only gripe with the current one and only map is that its just too small.

So what i have done is started working on a Ye Olde payload map.

I really want to get to player testing this thing soon for i am not 100% sure how a Medieval payload map is going to play out.

I am very close to finishing the main layout so expect a alpha download real soon!

Here is a video of the cart in action!

Here is a video of the capture point banner i made.

Also check out the progress of my Iron Maiden!

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This map looks super neat, a medieval mode payload map? This would fit Halloween really nicely actually, I hope Valve adds this in one day.