Swamp Prop: Animated Gator 1.0

Made by treythepunkid

  1. treythepunkid

    Hey guys, just another quick model. I have been swamped with school work (no pun intended there) so the model and texture aren't at the highest quality, but i think they work well enough to be a distant scene setting model.

    Ok first things off, this pack comes with all source files so go nuts on modifying it. Second the model has 3 animations. One idle, basically it sits on the shore wagging its tail. A idle swim, useful if you want a gator to swim in a straight line in the some water. Then the swimming curve, this makes the gator preform a sharp turn while swimming, perfect for that death pit you all have been wanting (wink wink Draco!).

    Thats pretty much it. Thanks for checking it out!


    1. hlmv 2010-09-23 23-16-07-84_7ai.jpg