Space Prop: Helper Robot

Space Prop: Helper Robot 2015-08-30

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Space Prop: Helper Robot 2015-08-30

Made by treythepunkid - No workshop thread

Hey guys, here is a little cute robot you can place in your space maps! He is animated to walk around and has a couple of default animations to help him fit with your map.

Watch it in action here!

Heres a little more about the model.

There are 4 animations.

-Walking around checking things = LookAround_Walk

-Idle sleeping = Sleeping_Idle

-Startled from sleep = Sleeping_Wake

-Random working on panel = Working

This model also includes several different skins.

5 Red skins with different numbers printed on his back, 5 blu skins with those same numbers and one red and one blu eyes closed skin for the sleeping to wake animation.

To set up the startle animation in the map.

Set the default skin to 11/12 (depending on what color you want it) and the default animation to sleeping_idle

Set a relay to trigger the animation Sleeping_wake

Set a skin change to a random skin of your color with a delay of 0.9 seconds.

Set a skin change back to 11/12 with a delay of 6.9 seconds.

This will get the effect seen in the video.

Also there is a bug with the front left wheel in the walking around animation. I will fix it at a later date but honestly i don't think you can really tell when he is moving around.

By the way, if you have any other ideas for animations he could be doing don't hesitate to suggest it! If you think the animation could be used by other mappers as well as you i dont mind adding it to him.

I hope you like the model! I will try to keep him updated as requested!
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