Wildfire rc

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Played this once with 24 players and felt like there was no space to leave base because of the narrow corridor chokepoints without cover. I love the unique ashy forest fire theme with some Hydro inspiration, I did not like this claustrophobic layout though. I didn't like the resupply being so far away to restock (which is useless balancing with loadout key binds) Also, the intel is bugged in that if you touch an enemy while carrying their flag, you will instantly cap the intel.

If that were fixed and I played this again on a 6v6, I might have enjoyed this more. I remember wishing this would be officially added back in Pyromania, but playing it makes me see why it wasn't. I compare to the spacious ctf_landfall with a similar competitive scope, which did get officially added. Wildfire fails to support high player counts with cramped arenas and chokes which slow the game to a crawl.

I'd give this a 2 for large pub play, but I'll give a generous 4 and give it the benefit of the doubt for smaller server counts.
An amazing map, great job