Wildfire rc


  1. MangyCarface
    CTF Wildfire: now even more likely to BLOW YOU AWAY

    Theme is dark northwestern; a forest fire crackles in the distance.
    Wildfire is a rather simple CTF map focusing on strong combat arenas broken up by arches to prevent unfair sticky escapes.

    The game mode is simpler than atrophy's:
    Flags on spire
    60s return time
    Touch return
    Cap zones on flags

    Thanks to:
    Ravidge for intel system/idea, texture edit
    Flame/f_m for testing/ideas
    Acegikmo for some textures
    Swamp team
    DaBeatzProject for custom particles!
    Void for custom skybox! <3


    1. ctf_wildfire_b10010.jpg
    2. ctf_wildfire_b10011.jpg
    3. ctf_wildfire_rc0000.jpg
    4. ctf_wildfire_rc0001.jpg
    5. ctf_wildfire_rc0002.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Krazy
    Version: rc
    An amazing map, great job