waterton a12

Fast-paced competitive king of the hill map.

  1. a couple minor tweaks

    Trying out a flat sewer that's no longer really a sewer at all and a faster cap time, fixed sightline in house and making a door more obvious
  2. Hey look it's slightly different

    fixed a non clipped roof
    cleaned up the point geometry
    slightly faster cap time - reduced from 10 to 8 "seconds"
    smoothed out a ramp in yard going to sewer
    added small HP / ammo in yard by sewer
    added a crate by the sniper fences on height
    added a dropdown to house from yard
  3. same as a9 but the point works...

    yeah, oops
  4. tweaks and stuff

    read tf.tv again we did stuff
  5. more stuff maybe not actually a version

    pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
  6. more changes