Water Path a4

A fight for the point in an alpine setting.

  1. Bigge update

    Hopefully this will focus the gameplay to the center a little more. Many of the paths were simplified.

    Changes the center:
    - Players can no longer bomb from the roof onto the point.
    - Drop from roof was converted into a room.
    - Added scaffolding so all classes can get on the roof.
    - Path from the water underneath the water has been closed off.
    - Removed most of the path that goes from the point to the spawn area.
    - Added path from each side to the point to hopefully clarify team sides a...
  2. Sightline overhaul in mid.

    Implemented changes based on feedback from a2 playtest. I appreciate all the comments! Hopefully mid feels a little less chaotic this time around. This was a quick update so not 100% on certain sightlines and not all feedback was taken into account for a3 but will in the future.

    Ultimately this should make the map a little more of a pitched battle and hopefully reduce some of the angles players will be coming from. The areas directly above the river feel a bit naked at the moment so I hope...
  3. Changes to back area

    Some adjustments to the area between the point and the spawn.


    Minor changes to the interior warehouse.

    Changes to the ledge overlooking the point.

    Changes to the spawn are itself.