Waste V2

By Icarus

  1. Icarus

    Waste (PL) - Release 2.0
    by Eric "Icarus" Wong
    Email: ericgfwong@hotmail.com
    Download from FPSBanana
    Download from TF2Maps

    **Waste is currently part of the (^) Custom Rotation**

    5CP Tug-o-War Payload
    Waste is a new gametype in which the payload can be pushed by either team. It plays similarly to other 5-point Control Point maps, such as Well, except that it places a stronger emphasis on teamwork to push the cart and coordination to flank the enemy. These alternate routes, although longer, usually provide health and ammo pickups not normally present on the main payload track.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Waste Intro Movie[/ame]

    Escort the payload to the enemy base. Stand near the payload to make it move.

    Other Notes:
    Both teams can push the cart. The cart cannot be pushed while locked.

    Make your own Tug-o-War map! - http://www.fpsbanana.com/prefabs/3527

    Unpack the contents of the .rar into your tf directory. Keeping the folder system intact will allow you to see the intro movie and thumbnail in the Map List.

    pl_waste_v2.bsp ;The map itself
    pl_waste_v2.bik ;Intro movie file
    pl_waste_v2.res ;Intro movie captions
    menu_thumb_pl_waste_v2.vtf ;Map list image
    menu_thumb_pl_waste_v2.vmt ;Map list thumbnail
    readme_pl_waste.txt ;This file

    Payload Cart By:
    Nova Silisko

    Explosion Animation in part By:
    Jive Turkey

    Special Thanks:
    Clan Woof


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: V2
  2. Anonymous
    Version: V2
    very good effort put into detailing and lighting. Structure isn't anything new, but it's still good. The gamemode is interesting and good, but it does get stalematy at the last point, rather than that, it's pretty good.