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  1. jelly?

    vsh_cosmos_b4 2022-02-05

    First release of vsh_cosmos! woohoo! Love saxton hale mode and astronomy? ur gonna love my nutts. Made with the motive to create something spacy, and learned a lot whilst creating the map too. Please feel free to report bugs here so I can try to fix them in the next update. Hope you like it...
  2. thysponge55

    pl_papyrus a4b

    Hello!! Another map on it's way! This time a far more ambitious (my first try at a) Single Stage Payload Map. I am super early into play-testing and getting feedback and nothing is finalised. I've done my texturing and detail to give a flavour of what the final map will look like! The map...
  3. Lars

    cp_meatplant a4

    Basically a meatplant. yes, blood. scary...?!?
  4. D

    DM Odd One Out b1

    What is this pyramid? Why is it soaring through hyperspace? Is it some kind of alien ship? Why are mercs endlessly fighting over it? No one knows for sure, but it makes for a hell of a show. Spiritual remake of Against All Odds, loosely inspired by Unreal Tournament's DM-Pyramid.
  5. PBSpiralGamer

    KOTH Mummy A7

    (Currently not being worked on) Here's a KOTH map that takes place inside a pyramid!

    Trade Temple of Donger (Halloween) v69

    A halloween variant of the Temple of Donger, a trade map that I've worked on the last couple of years, just in time for the spooky season! Featuring entirely different soundscapes than the normal version, and a completely different aesthetic. Changelog included, and available on the workshop page!
  7. sailents

    Desert Pyramid 2018-06-04

    Koth_desertpyramid is a map I have been working on for quite some time. I haven't completely finished polishing it, but the map is in a playable state. Please leave some feedback, if you have played it. Thanks and have fun.
  8. [EIST] Tf2Master :3

    Pirate Coast B1

    Red pirates had attacked the mining town and now blue team need to push them away. This map is a 3cp pyramid style, (like Gravelpit) and has a 7200x7280u size. Here some screenshoots of the map: Well this is my 4th or 5th map made in tf2, and the 3rd published on, I didnt...

    Trade Temple of Donger v71

    A map I made for the Smoogz' Summit server, which has gone on a long hiatus for the moment, but I figured I would might as well release it for those of you that have never seen it. It was originally just a test jump map I made in a day or so. I developed it further for the server, into more of a...
  10. Mess About

    bread a14

    an Egyptian theme map