Vineyard A3A

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Vineyard A3A

By Dr. Spud

cp_vineyard (a3a)
by: Dr. Spud

(No relation to the last map I started called vineyard)

Vineyard is a single stage attack and defend map with 4 CPs. It's basically what you get when you apply the badwater style of map to CPs.

Since my last map ctf_haarp has absolutely zero chance of being considered "competitive," I'm thinking of making some nods to competitive play with vineyard. It's not my main goal, but in my mind if A/D were to be played in comp, a single stage with many CPs would make the most sense. So I'm at least thinking about it.

This map is using the vineyard theme I created and used in the mini-CP contest.
Dr. Spud
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest reviews

map is pretty creative D point
Overall the map has issues with really, really tough chokepoints for players to break through. While I understand that this design choice is a product of its time, that cannot stop me from playing it from a modern lense; The A-to-B transition is not that great, forcing you to either do an A-B wipe, or you will be having an extremely tough time getting through the map. The map, past a bit of C, is actually very fun, as I felt it allowed a lot more classes to shine than just Demoman, Engineer, or Heavy. There are some very steep sightline issues that I think *could* have been addressed in its development, however the fact remains that the map never made it past a3a, which is a real shame. I'll give this a 4/10, as while I believe its problems are really large, I did have fun in the end playing on both teams, even if I didn't win most games I played.