Lolcano b3

By Dr. Spud

  1. Dr. Spud

    by Dr. Spud

    Welcome to the pro-zone.

    Another in my line of highly competitive maps (see: cp_ritalin), lolcano is on the cutting edge of serious TF2 comp action. Boasting more than 3 years of play in ETF2L leagues, lolcano in its current form is the culmination feedback from hundreds of top-tear pro players.

    Koth_lolcano takes a "back to basics" approach to TF2 level design. It's a basic, but strategic, layout that takes time and practice to learn. There are no "gimmicks" to be found here.

    -rising and falling LOL lava
    -a lolcanic eruption at round end

    Arena Version:


    1. lolcano_b1_1.jpg
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