Multi Stage Haarp rc

By Dr. Spud

  1. Dr. Spud
    Dr. Spud

    HAARP is an Attack and Defend CTF map for the contest. H.A.A.R.P. (the High Frequency Active Auroral Red Project) is stationed inside a huge Red base built in the side of a cliff. In the snowy Alaskan wilderness, they've built antenna arrays and a gigantic satellite dish. But what you don't know is it's really a DOOMSDAY DEVICE that could potentially END THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Blue must infiltrate the base and deliver the shutdown override codes before DEATH AND DESTRUCTION RAINS DOWN ON THE WORLD (or something).

    "Wait, what the hell does HAARP mean?"
    Haarp is two things:
    1: [ame][/ame]

    So what are the rules?
    -Blu delivers intelligence to capture points. Red defends.
    -The map is divided into 3 sections, like dustbowl.
    -The intel spawns outside of Blu's respawn. Once Blu captures the first CP in a section, the next intel will still spawn outside of Blu's respawn.
    -Red can block captures by standing on the CP.


    Look familiar?

    Additional Credits:
    -Nineaxis: custom posters.

    Thanks, special:
    -A Boojum Snark
    -Everyone testing and leaving feedback


    1. ctf_haarp_beta_teaser.jpg
    2. ctf_haarp_betascreen5.jpg
    3. ctf_haarp_betascreen7.jpg
    4. haarp_betascreen2.jpg
    5. haarp_betascreen8.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Snufflepus Penguin
    Snufflepus Penguin
    Version: rc
    I really like the aesthetics of the map, and positions are relatively balanced. I do not like the gimmick of bringing the intelligence to the point and would have preferred if it was just a control point map like Dustbowl.
  2. soviet spycrab
    soviet spycrab
    Version: rc
    beautiful design.
  3. Merasmus The Wizard
    Merasmus The Wizard
    Version: rc
    as heavy would say "is gud"
  4. AxioMr
    Version: rc
    Loving the map style
  5. Panckakebro
    Version: rc
    On the last section at blue spawn, you can glitch the glass spawn door. Stand to the left of it (facing spawn) when outside, and wedge yourself in between the sliding part and wall.
  6. Little Pixel
    Little Pixel
    Version: rc
    Love playing on this map, truly a great experince and you can enjoy it to the max with a full server! I would love to see this as an offical map.
  7. Wegason
    Version: rc
    Really wish this was available to play more often and that Valve would add this map, and the gamemode, to the official roster of maps as it is terrific. The map is varied and interesting, and the concept created by for their contest was fantastic and is sorely needed as a better version of CTF.
  8. Diva Dan
    Diva Dan
    Version: rc
    Such an incredible map! Feels stock in almost every way, and I love how the multistage mechanic ties the whole map together similar to dustbowl or hoodoo. The gamemode is real sweet too. Got to play it in a populated server and it was an absolute blast!
  9. Miaou
    Version: rc
    I love this map. I hope someday this map will become as official !! :)
    I love the concept and the map is well good ;)

    I LOVE IT !!