Vigil RC5

Single stage 4 point payload, originally made in the 2016 Winter 72 Hour Jam

  1. RC3 (22/6/2018)

    - Filled in pit at last point
    - Lowered sentry platform on last
    - Added stairs to the flank room on last
    - Added a prop jump to allow blu to get up the outside part of the flank room on last
    - Added a high fence on the edge of the map on the flank of the last point
    - Spawn time adjustments on last
    - Removed the decrease in rollback time after the cart goes up the final rollback ramp
    - Reduced size and adjusted position of third point rollback ramp
    - Added barriers to the rocks near third point to reduce sniper abuse
    - Moved entrance of house between second and third to before the crates
    - Some changes to detailing
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