uuh pl_uuh_a_5

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uuh pl_uuh_a_5

A WIP payload map

My attempt of a payload map, uses structures from koth_raining_at_three_in_the_morning and ctf_sawblade_research_labs

the payload goes from blu's spawn, goes around it, through a tunnel, over a bridge, through a door, over another bridge and finally into red's base.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. pl_uuh_a_5

    [reads notes] a_5? huh... [notes for a_4 missing] ok... [a_5 notes] added to blue team final forward base. ground of skybox is now level with ground.
  2. The tunnel update

    + map got wider + cover on top of blu's third forward spawn + door fixed + upper walkways + tunnel extended around corner + doors that open after first point captured + new blu forward spawn that becomes active after first point captured +...
  3. track and grounds update

    + track shortened near last and some cover was added + second area now has some raised walkways + a wall to block some spam from above for blu's spawn + red forward spawn respawn hitbox bigger + tunnel has this turn to cut down on the sightline...