Sawblade Reserch Lab

Sawblade Reserch Lab a1

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Sawblade Reserch Lab a1

A mysterious research lab in a mysterious pit in the middle of the desert that researches sawblades.

(first map I made) ctf map with needlessly complicated logic. After 30 seconds, a mini point is uncovered, and raises into place. (You can go under it, but will be stuck in the corridor for 2 minutes.) Activate the "point" in the middle to gain access to the outer ring and the moat. (for non jumping classes) To get to the flag room for your team, go up the ramp in your spawn room. To gain access to the other team's flag room you need to: activate the "point" in the center, then go to the outer ring/moat, go to the other side of the map, then go up a ramp, past a door, through some hallways, and past a door. To cap the flag, take it to the capture zone in front of the opposing team's base. (via the same hallways) After 5 minutes after the "point" is activated, the outer ring/moat doors, the underwater moat doors, (the hallway that goes across the middle of the map and connects to the moat underwater) and the upper flag room doors close, the "point" deactivates, lowers and gets covered for 2 minutes. (yes, you can get stuck in some places, for two minutes) (yes, you can access the enemy's flag room after the 5 minutes are up, (if you are in the outer ring/moat) but you grant the other team access to the upper area) (I kept adding things, and am now uploading it for testing (a bit late))
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