Uskuu A3

RED is trying to repair their bridge, it's up to BLU to stop them.

  1. Cliff Reworked

    Most of the changes were around the ciff section, and the screenshots will reflect that.

    -Improved skybox
    -Fixed some playerclips, made some props not solid, some smoothing
    -More Signs
    -More Detailing
    -Adjusted Displacements
    -Adjusted health and ammo
    -Adjusted lighting

    >First Cap
    -Removed horrid sightline
    -Fixed a flank route being open before first is capped
    -Added clipping to the boxes over the minecart

    >Second Cap
    -Adjused waterfall particles
    -Changed water texture

    >*Area between 2nd and 3rd* (The most changes)
    Reworked the cliff
    -New building along cliff for flank routes and cover
    -Added small building furthur back for BLU to use as cover
    -Overall, the cliff is less of a hazard
    >Third Cap
    -Removed a fence that was in the way of the shed roof
    -Adjusted the cliff area here also

    >Final Cap
    -Added a small cave for engineers to set up in (like in Badwater)
    -Added water to the bottom of the flank route to B (to prevent fall damage)

    20161119172834_1.jpg 20161119173504_1.jpg 20161119172848_1.jpg 20161119172842_1.jpg 20161119172901_1.jpg
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