Uskuu A3

RED is trying to repair their bridge, it's up to BLU to stop them.

  1. Area Overhauls and Feedback changes

    Woah there are alot of changes. Probably optimization is the most important one (maybe?). Either that, or the complete redesign of some areas. Hopefully I didn't make the sightlines worse :/

    Read the changelog if you wanna (tl:dr at the end)


    >General Changes
    -Some more optimization (still not perfect)
    -Added 3D Skybox (Just for representation)
    -Added env_sun
    -Fixed/tweaked dynamic signs
    -Fixed prop lighting

    >BLU First Spawn
    -Moved spawns to a new spot for better flow.
    -Removed Right most window and made it a doorway

    >Outside BLU First Spawn
    -Changed some redundant detail
    Modified connections between first area and second area.
    -Wall is lower and is not clipped
    -Gate is permanently open
    -Added wooden plank to make it easier to get on dumptruck

    >First BLU Building (choke)
    -Raised main doorway walls (they were too low)
    -Added alternate BLU route into choke for height advantage
    -Slightly extended the platform on the ground.
    -Removed tiny rollforward zone at the entrance to the choke.

    >Area Around First Cap
    -Removed forward door into BLU building with health/ammo
    -Removed the ugly gate thing to block sightlines
    -(justified by taking away some cover a sniper could have)
    -Added uppper ground where BLU had a "porch"
    -Changed the height advatange RED gets to match BLU's
    -Made the bridge slightly more narrow
    -Removed potentially OP sentry spot by adding a ledge and a crane
    -Changed a medium health pack to small

    >Second Cap
    -Waterfall now has particles
    -Added second waterfall for detail
    -Scaled up water texture a bit

    >Third Cap *Overhaul*
    -Redesigned area between 3rd cap and final
    -Reworked all flank routes
    -Extended the barn
    -Slighty moved the 3rd cap forward (towards BLU)
    -Reworked all of the health/ammo placement
    -Added much more detail

    >Final Door Area
    -Added warning lights to all the doors that close/open in that area
    -Reworked prop positions

    >Final Cap
    -Fixed THE GAP (all hail the gap).
    -Lowered roof over the train gates
    -Extended covered bridge to the wall (where the gap was)
    -Removed a chicken wire panel for less cover on the final bridge.
    -Changed RED's outside window texture

    Redesigned 1st cap and 3rd cap areas, added some detail, etc.


    20161113190528_1.jpg 20161113190601_1.jpg 20161113190607_1.jpg 20161113190621_1.jpg 20161113190626_1.jpg 20161113191006_1.jpg 20161113191019_1.jpg 20161113191039_1.jpg
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