72hr Jam 2022 Urbanista A2

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72hr Jam 2022 Urbanista A2

This has nothing to do with fashion at all!

One of the Participating maps of the Winter 72hr Jam!

This map is set in a unspecified city. yet, as it's tag line implies, it has nothing to do with fashion!

To do :
Add more props
Add more lighting
Add more buildings

Credits :
Fr0z3n3r : Map start prefab
Someone I forgot : Door prefab
A Boojum Snark : Gametype prefab
Bulletcrops Pack : Chairs and Tables
First release
Last update
Previous 72hr Entries

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Latest updates

  1. End of the month update

    -Removed some window props -Added 2 buildings (I know, the cubemaps suck, I'm sorry) -Added some spotlights and such
  2. Version change and recompiling

    that's it, really.
  3. The "I can't believe I forgot the visualizers!" Update

    This adds : Visualizers Sightline adjustments Bigger cap area Removal of unnecessary window props and much more!