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Turning Test A11

I purposefully misspelled Turing... I promise...

  1. A11

    -Added a pipe to break a sightline
    -Fixed a texturing glitch
    -Fixed a displacement seam
    -Fixed the map being assymetrical
    -Added a single window
    -Small amount of optimization

    I feel like I am very close to Beta... within one or two updates... I do, however, Intend to get some more testing done, but the gameplay is pretty much final...
  2. A10

    -Replaced massive pipe system at mid with a small house
    -Opened up the walkways to mid
    -Moved health and ammo behind the point
    -Retextured the dark gray dev texture to something better
    -Added weird pipe that [hopefully] removes, or depreciates the value of a sniper sightline
    -Changed cap time from 10 seconds to 8 seconds to make it a bit more back and forth due to the map's small size
    -Decreased spawn exits from 3 down to 2
  3. A9

    -Added a set of pickups in the hallway
    -Added some control point graphics to fit with the space theme
    -Increased size of main path a little to make room for minor detailing and blocking a massive sightline
    -Added a way to get on to the balcony from mid
    -Removed health and ammo in spawn area
    -Changed ground displacement texture
    -Changed rock to solar panel to fit theme better
    -Added asteroids into the skybox
    -Added basic stairs leading to mid
  4. A8

    -Changed resupply lockers to models from the dewm pack
    -Added pickup notifiers(?)
    -Clipped the pipes
    -Changed glass texture in spawn area
    -Added cubemaps
    -Added a small window in the back of spawn
    -Minor detailing in hallway between house and spawn area
  5. A7

    -Added a 3D skybox
    -Increased the points cap zone
    -Added a rock to break a massive sightline in mid
    -Completely redid spawn area
  6. A6

    -Added Area Portals
    -Blocked a massive sightline at mid
    -added a barrier to prevent airblasts at the point
    -Rearanged health and ammopacks
    -Added a single small ammopack above the point
    -Added a single medium ammopack below the point
    -Raised barrier into house
    -Started to detail in the room beneath the point
  7. A5

    -Cap time reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds
    -Changed textures of forcefeilds to a more nuetral orange
    -Added barriers for more cover on the point
    -Added clipping to avoid getting stuck near point
    -Added clipping to prevent a "out of map" exploit (thanks @BigfootBeto for this information!)
    -Decreased brightness of indoor areas
    -Increased brightness of outdoor areas
    -Increased size of mid by 96 HU
  8. A4

    -Fixed supply cabinets not working in red spawn
    -Changed orientation of health and ammo to make the map not assymetrical
    -Removed low gravity at mid, didn't seem to work out... May revisit later...
    -Added a marking area around the point
    -Added barriers to block some sightlines
    -Redid lighting to go from a WRLD lighting to a WIP lighting...
  9. A3

    -Added a ramp to get to the battlements in an easier way
    -Made actual displacements
    -Fixed respawnroom visualizers
    -replaced black textures with skybox textures
    -added a small gravity mechanic (may remove later)
    -increased cap zone slightly
  10. Packing

    You should always remember to pack your maps, little kiddies...
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