Trust a3

Under construction

  1. Lighting update and some minor changes

    Considering 90% of the feedback was all regarding lighting that's what's being fixed. Very minor layout changes

    a2 > a3

    In general:
    -Skybox and lighting changed
    -Lights added to some previously dark spots
    -Updated respawn times
    -Skybox height increased

    -Changed a texture on the ramp to high ground for easier visibility

    -Added a small health and ammo next to the 2nd shack
    -Added a sign that appears after a team caps mid to guide after spawning forward

    -Added a med...
  2. Route overhauls

    Let's just pretend that a1 never happened, it's also going to be deleted due to broken teleports

    a1 > a2

    In general:
    -Many routes removed or simplified
    -Arrows added to aid in finding your way through
    -Map width reduced in the parks
    -Teleports fixed for real, also no backward teleports, all teleports only take you forward

    -Clipped off middle building next to ramp
    -Underside route closed and filled
    -Added health and ammo next to the ramp

    -Everything was moved a little bit for...