Triplet b4

By Boylee

  1. Boylee


    Current version: B4
    Formerly known as cp_escapist


    A simple 3 control point map that aims to promote tight, aggressive, team focused play. The layout, although simple, should offer a number of routes & room to manoeuvre, and hence should encourage flanking and a variety of other tactics. So without further ado, here is cp_triplet_b4 in all it's organised, optimised stylee. Enjoi. [​IMG]

    Download: link

    Thanks to ABS for his resource pack, Icarus for textures, Y_M for prefabs, and Rexy and Acumen for models. If you see anything that I've not mentioned let me know. [​IMG]


    1. cp_triplet_b40000.jpg
    2. cp_triplet_b30005.jpg
    3. cp_triplet_b30008.jpg
    4. cp_triplet_b30010.jpg
    5. cp_triplet_b30034.jpg
    6. cp_triplet_b30024.jpg