Multi Stage Cruff a7

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Multi Stage Cruff a7

Made by Boylee

cp_cruff is a 3 stage sequential CP map in the dustbowl vein. It takes inspiration from dustbowl (durr), goldrush and gorge (amongst others). I'm trying to build a map that plays like a blend of all three of these, with a bit of high-tech Red mountain base thrown into the mix for good measure.

Originally this map had blue defending much like cp_bloodstained, having been old by loads of people that this is a bad idea I've caved and coverted it back to normal (i.e. blue attacking).

We've done a fair bit of testing of this over at and I think I've managed to fix up most of the glaring layout issues with this release. As such this release is starting to approach the final layout in my mind. Obviously there will be tweaking to do but hopefully I won't have any more stage redesigns to do as I'm starting to feel quite happy with how it plays. With that in mind any testing that's possible would be really useful as I need to know of any remaining issues before moving onto detailing.

Original thread.

Known issues:
- Probably in need of cap time and respawn wave timing adjustment.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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