Clifftop b3

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Clifftop b3

Made by Boylee

Here goes nothing...

This is my entry into the dynamic payload competition, titled clifftop. The map is set in a mountainous, decidous forest and features a steep uphill battle for blue to push their cart of the top of the cliff into the missile silo positioned beneath.

The map has two elevators, one under the first point and one under the third point. The run up to each point has one rollback zone. There are also forward spawns for both Red and Blue.

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Latest updates

  1. Clifftop lives!

    So after nearly 5 years since starting it, I'm releasing b3 of Clifftop. This is a fairly significant detailing upgrade, with lots of bugs and non solid props being fixed, and also plenty of clipping issues being addressed. It appears that at...

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Enjoyable, good flow, well detailed.