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Asym2 Transmit A3

An asymmetrical A/D control point map, set in a communications center

Transmit is a smaller map I'm putting together for the asymmetrical map contest. Its layout is similar to Mountain Lab, with three control points open to BLU capture, and only one unlocked at a time. If BLU captures all three control points, they win, but RED wins if they hold at least one point at the end of the round.

The map is set in a communications center held by RED, with a large antenna to relay messages to other key strongholds. The base itself lies in the middle of a large, highlands forest surrounded by mountains.

The design goal of the map is to provide the quick, snappy rounds of KOTH while still allowing the opportunity to set up a firm defense. Hopefully, this will cater to both offensive and defensive-minded players who don't want to commit to the long round times of a traditional A/D map.

Here are some screenshots from A2:





First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

Latest updates

  1. Pickups and texturing

    Added two health and two ammo pickups near points A and B. Textured the walkway above point A to stand out better from the walls.
  2. Changed download name

    Changed the download name from cp_relay_a2 to cp_transmit_a2.
  3. Changed name

    Changed the name from cp_relay to cp_transmit to resolve a name conflict.