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  1. Startacker!

    Asym2 Laadeedaa a5b

    This was originally a Territorial Control map, but because TC is so convoluted and messy I dropped it. Then I made it a gravelpit style A+B>C map, that sucked. So now it's just an A/D map. Still offering bonus points for whoever guesses where "laadeedaa" comes from
  2. Fantasma

    Asym2 FantasMud b3

    Fantasmud (Working Title) is a space-base-themed 2 Stage control point map that blends together differing combat styles to let players control the fight, the map, and the match.
  3. mistertilapia

    Asym2 Transmit A3

    Transmit is a smaller map I'm putting together for the asymmetrical map contest. Its layout is similar to Mountain Lab, with three control points open to BLU capture, and only one unlocked at a time. If BLU captures all three control points, they win, but RED wins if they hold at least one point...