Traincrashingintocp a7

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  • Packed the map, after I forgot it in a6
  • removed bad logic connection, that wasn't needed

  • Created a new last point, because the old one didn't played that great a was a little bit boring.
  • Detailed second point, because I was bored and wanted to try out the artstyle
  • Adjusted the spawntimes when tems attack/defend the last capture point (previously it was likly to get instantly capped after the second point was capped)
  • Fixed a z-figthing displacment
  • Changed respawn times, to make it easier for defenders at the last point (go often overran by the attackers)
  • Removed railings on 2nd capture point
  • Moved middle capture point actually in the middle (was moved to one side slightly)
  • Made ramp to middle capture point wider
  • Removed some skybox brushes from some roofs (still many to do)
  • Removed fences from middle spawn to make it less cramped if you walk out of it
  • Replaced some fences in the middle with hedges to make it easier to distinguish parts of the map
  • Made 2nd point easier to access by creating a bigger ramp up to it.
  • Changed texture of displacements (again), to make the map less bright, while it uses dev textures and aligned the textures on them
20161110174812_1.jpg 20161110180357_1.jpg 20161110180407_1.jpg 20161110180413_1.jpg 20161110180424_1.jpg 20161110180429_1.jpg 20161110180443_1.jpg 20161110180444_1.jpg
  • Changed mid completly after feedback of a gameday
  • Added wire in the train gates to indicate you can't shoot through them.
  • Changed map style to winter theme (might change again, I'm just trying what is the best)
  • Added 2 info_observer points, so the map can't crash if all players die at once
  • Added some frontline props (very few)
20161105154517_1.jpg 20161105154528_1.jpg 20161105154536_1.jpg 20161105154542_1.jpg 20161105154549_1.jpg 20161105154556_1.jpg 20161105154605_1.jpg 20161105155059_1.jpg
Just a reupload of the a2 version, because of the site problems.
After some problems in the gameday I fixed some problems:

- Added health and ammo packs
- Added an info_observer_point
- Fixed mssing textures on displacments
- Added two signs in mid to lead players towards the objective