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  1. Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    Hammer Causing Entire Computer Freeze-Up

    As the title suggests, I've been having a problem where Hammer would end up freezing up my entire computer everytime I try to compile a map. It hasn't started doing this when I first began development on the map, and I know for certain it isn't Hammer just being hammer because the program has...
  2. CHIM

    TF2 Crashes When I Load My Map

    I'm working on a simple KOTH map which makes use of the Mayann Prop Packs' textures. The map seems to compile fine (putting it through interlopers confirms this is the case) but when I run it (or load it through a normally launched TF2 and the 'map' command) the game crashes shortly after it...
  3. World's Finest Lamp

    Map Crashing for Unknown Reason

    Hello Guys, I know this is for TF2 but I thought you might be able to help as it's still a source/hammer question. I am making a CS:GO map and it keeps crashing people who download it. It seems very random, I have friends on different versions of windows and it seems to run fine regardless...
  4. red3pit

    Map is crashing tf2 [SOLVED]

    I should probably start this thread before, bc I'm trying to fix this issue for a week of so. So recently, I ended work on new version of my medieval harvest. In hammer, there are no problems, I did nescessery optimization, checked alt+p and everything. In compile log there were no big...
  5. FishyUberMuffin

    TF2 Crashing Engine Problem

    When I am playing in my custom map, tf2 will crash randomly and then give me this message. ED_Alloc: no free edicts. These maps are both PL D-Day and Koth Cease FireWhat is going on?
  6. Kube

    First path_track is causing map to crash?

    TF2 is crashing whenever I join the Red or Blu team on my map (NOT when I join Spectator). Through selectively hiding items, I've narrowed the source of the crashes down to one entity: the first path_track in the cart track ("sspl_path_start"). No compile errors, no runtime errors. The entity...
  7. That Guy On The Left

    Custom Map Crashing TF2

    So this is a campaign map, just like Infiltration, and I've been working on this one for a while, I fixed some lighting bugs, I grew attached to the aesthetics, and I finally started building the final area, I modeled one of the last rooms after the warehouse for the Soldier, Spy, Engineer, and...
  8. Data Boil

    TF2 crashes when trying to load custom map through hammer.

    Whenever I try to compile my map and run it, it seems to compile fine and the game runs fine. Then when it loads the map, it shows the motd with a black screen behind, and tf2 crashes. It's getting pretty annoying, and I've tried deleting and remaking different parts of the map, but nothing...
  9. Potoroo84

    [Help] Weird nav mesh crashes

    The map compiled fine, nav mesh generation completed succesfully. However, when i try to enter the map (With the nav mesh generated) it crashes my game. This doesn't happen when i load it without the .nav file Any solution?
  10. Simulacron

    Traincrashingintocp a7

    This is my first 5cp map I'm working on. The basic layout is inspired by process and sunshine.
  11. Alaxe

    Every Time I Try To Open My Map, It Crashes

    I just booted up Hammer Editor, and when I went to select my map save, it gets to 5% and then just crashes. It was working fine yesterday
  12. Viemärirotta

    Is this an issue within Hammer?

    So apparently if you select your whole map via map properties then shift drag/copy and paste for symmetrical maps it crashes Hammer. However if you select the whole map by doing a box with the selection tool then pressing Enter doesn't crash Hammer. (I struggled with that for a hour or so...