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  1. Onix_V

    cp_Manufactory 1

    cp_Manufactory is my very first cp map. And also this is my first experience in 72hr jam. I hope you enjoy)
  2. Opplydead

    dirtvalley 05

    You're tracking mud all over the battlements, soldier! Maybe you should be spending less times playing in the mud and spend more time defending one of many, simultaneously cappable points, or even begin a defense at your last. You never know when the cloak and daggers lurk patiently on the...
  3. Scary-Jello

    cp_dustward_park A7

    (Note: name is not final and is obviously terrible, but I suck at names quite frankly so for now this will, hopefully, do.) A single stage 3cp attack defend map, with points A and B being out in the open, and point C being in a more constrained yet sprawling indoor area. While there's...
  4. Dweeby nerd.....thing

    cp_facility V3

    This is my first map, Im aware people probably get annoyed hearing that but oh well its the truth. The map, for now is very basic and simple, its a 3 capture points map similar in function to the likes of cp_badlands. The v2 is there as ive had a few friends play on the map already so I could...
  5. VanderCat

    Sea Point b1a

    That's my first map wich i can upload, and share. Made with prefabs and library Credit to: A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack AlexCookie's Small Prefab Pack v1 Midlou's Pickup Timer V2 Ravidge's Lighting Library 1.0 Necrσ, Mercenary Park Prop Library V1 Dusk till Dawn...
  6. K3LY8N

    Waterfall_work V1.1

    This is my first map in Team Fortress 2 called "Waterfall_work". This map is made in the "Standard capture control points" mode. Also: Thank you for your help in testing my friend Den / Idiots team. I would be very grateful if you would rate my first map.
  7. SanekOgon

    cp_jampoint_sanek v.1B

    Map created special for 72hr TF2Jam contest! Forgive me that the Map is a little incomplete, I did not have time and made it just a couple of hours before the end of this contest. After a couple of hours I will release an updated version of the map! ^ - ^ v.1 Beta (update soon)
  8. samjooma

    Shortcut a6

  9. Charlie 2

    cp_nonameyet a1

    Hopefully Not Horrible
  10. youporkchop5

    Multi Stage Office a9

    A 3 stage A/D map set in and around a Mannhatten skyscraper! With a secret lurking at the top... Long falls! Subway! Too many cars! Pyros love this map honestly Huge chokes! Basically an Overwatch map with the amount of huge chokes!
  11. Drahkonos

    JSA A2

    My 1st (and weird!) map, Frontline powered ! It's a 3-CP Attack/Defense map that take place in a real location. A is outside, B underground and C in the RED building. The outside is completely copied on the Panmunjom's border in South Korea, but the insides are all on my own ideas. Thanks ! :)
  12. DaveA62

    Townraid a2

    The Plan: Raid the town Break the bunker Blow up the base This map is currently in it's alpha stages, yes, it's going to look blocky for awhile until I get to detailing. Current Bugs/Things I need to fix: Red spawn is missing lights (even though I swear to god I had some) A few places need...
  13. Malachite Man

    Sài Bay A9

    A single staged 2 Cp map that takes place in a vietnam swamp base. Made for the connect 5 tf2maps contest
  14. Croplight

    cp_smokestack v2

    cp_smokestack is an industrial themed 5cp map for the 2017 72 Hour Jam. Resources used: ABS Mappers Resource
  15. Nixon

    litfam a2

    you like cp maps? Heres a cp map with a shitty title, have fun
  16. Kunny

    cp_shenanigans (April Fools) a2

    I made this map for April Fools and trust me, it's not that good. I just wanted to see what I could make and here it is.
  17. Thazunex_

    5CP map spawn issues

    Hey I'm relatively new at creating 5CP maps and I'm running into an issue involving spawns, I try to find tutorials but I can't, can anyone tell me how to make it so a team goes to a forward spawn upon capping?
  18. Joel

    72hr cp_mackerel a2

    My entry for the Winter 2017 72hr TF2Jam! This map is a remake of port mackerel from Splatoon with a few adjustments due to size differences. Features: -An annoying chokepoint that is almost the minimal size required for any class to fit through. -Literally just 5cp but only both B points. -No...
  19. Tezemi

    Vigor B2

    Vigor is a Attack/Defense Steel style map, each point making E easier to capture. Vigor takes place in a power plant, where each point represents a different type of energy. Tryhard Trevor - Design and layout. Mr. Spiffy - Door signs, as well as icons for each point. Void - Nuclear waste texture.
  20. Billo

    Cp_BloodFall rc5

    Once Again Halloween is Nearing, You Know What Does This Means Right? New Maps!!! Cp_BloodFall Is A Attack/defend Map Which Features : -Skeletons ! -Bosses ! (Headless Horseless Horsemen!) -Hell itself! -Spell Spam ! -Soul Parties ! -More Skeletons