Thornton a3

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Thornton a3

Become an Astronaut Farmer

Thronton is my attempt at making special delivery a bit more fun. Unlike Doomsday, this map is shorter but wider in the hopes of keeping players more together instead of split up and all over the place.

There are also 2 rockets instead of just 1. Each team must capture the australium at a rocket silo near the opposing team. This should help teams from needing to both attack and defend main areas at the same time, all the time. With this, they both attack the drop site, then one attacks the rocket area while the other defends in. In Doomsday both teams attack and defend both the rocket and drop area regardless of who has the flag, which can make it difficult to co-ordinate as well as causing rounds to last a long time.
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Special Delivery

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Latest updates

  1. Solve a quick chess puzzle

    -fixed the gameplay logic, again -fixed the door logic, again -adjusted some geometry -added some notifications to try n help players understand what to do -put on some pants
  2. Necro

    -updated logic to try and not be broken and not crash the game -fixed doors -improved routing from spawn to gameplay space -added some spaces to try and help defenders defending their defense -widened other routes -closed big barn area -added...