Maid's Payload Circuit Prefab v1

A modified Payload Circuit prefab, as used in plr_snowthistle.

  1. Maid
    The logic used for the gamemode in plr_snowthistle.
    Both carts are on a single circular track, and a team wins by catching up to and ramming their cart into the enemy team's cart, resulting in a wonderful explosion and some silly physics.

    This is a modification of 14bit's original PLR Circuit Logic, so full credit there for the original logic work.

    I've added a speedup system where each time a cart passes a track base, it increases in speed by 1.25x, to a cap of about 600 hu/s. I've also fixed a few bugs.

    Be warned:
    - Overtime will not start unless at least one cart has reached the first path_track.
    - Warning sounds play when a cart approaches the end of the HUD.
    - Rollback zones DO NOT WORK.

    Good luck with your maps, and feel free to ask any questions!

    Here's some signs to use with this gamemode!