Maid's Payload Circuit Prefab

Maid's Payload Circuit Prefab v3

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Maid's Payload Circuit Prefab v3

A modified Payload Circuit prefab, as used in plr_snowthistle.

The logic used for the gamemode in plr_snowthistle.
Both carts are on a single circular track, and a team wins by catching up to and ramming their cart into the enemy team's cart, resulting in a wonderful explosion and some silly physics.

This is a modification of 14bit's original PLR Circuit Logic, so full credit there for the original logic work.

I've added a speedup system where each time a cart passes a track base, it increases in speed by 1.25x, to a cap of about 600 hu/s. I've also fixed a few bugs.

Be warned:
- Warning sounds play when a cart approaches the end of the HUD.
- Rollback zones DO NOT WORK.

Good luck with your maps, and feel free to ask any questions!

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Latest updates

  1. V3

    Fixed a years-old bug causing blu to win 70% of matches, which I finally discovered the cause of. One wrong decimal in a logic_case meant red's cart speed stopped scaling after two laps. If you want to fix this in your PLC map without ripping...
  2. v2

    - Implemented a fix from Le Codex - overtime rollforward now starts immediately on timer end, without requiring an update or the carts to have been touched previously. Good luck if anyone chooses to use this prefab for the jam!!!