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+added new game mechanic, some flanks will now be blocked off from attackers, the flanks become available once their respective batteries are destroyed

+added some cover for the generator
|fixed a door using improper I/Os
+added lights to a dark corner
|fixed some chalkboard logic
|chalkboard looks prettier
+added new Dynamic Chalkboard which tells you which batteries are destroyed and which are still alive for you and the enemy.

+added new shit shack to mid
+added more signage
+added shutter door

|reworked B and the lower flank

|changed shack in mid
|improved soundscapes

-removed top flank route overlooking the main generator
-removed a flank that bypassed the b point
|Fixed rock props in mid fading out too early
|changed size of the ammo box on A to a small
Map now uses V7 Generator Destruction logic

|changed mid
|lowered respawn times
|fixed pickup patches
|changed health kits around

+added two new flanks where c used to be
+added new signage

-removed C point

All other changes can be found here


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+added custom MOTD
+added particle and sound effect for when the generator is destroyed
+added HUD messages to let your team know which batteries are being damaged, as well as if the generator is also being damaged
|changed the texture of mid's shack
+added respawnroom visualizers